Georgia Centers for Nursing Excellence

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Strong Nurses
for a healthy Georgia


We create capacity and infrastructure to understand nursing workforce data and trends and collaborate with stakeholders in planning and executing strategies.


We convene and engage leaders to address the nursing workforce challenges.


We look to the future and lead the collaborative effort to transform the nursing workforce for the future.

Policy Informers

We inform and influence stakeholders by providing high quality expertise on nursing workforce development.


We need your financial support to fulfill our mission.
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GCNE: We Look to
the Future

Georgia can distinguish itself as a state to recruit and retain nurses, promote the nursing profession, contribute to nursing student success, and advance new opportunities for nursing through coordinated actions and investments in nursing workforce planning and development. Nursing workforce development can help shape the future of nursing in Georgia by leveraging resources to support education, recruitment and retention of diverse, qualified nurse professionals.

The healthcare environment is constantly evolving, and strategic workforce planning is critical in anticipating changes and responding effectively to building a diverse, qualified sustainable nursing workforce pipeline. Nursing workforce development planning is about understanding the existing workforce supply, determining future needs, assessing the gaps, then developing a workforce plan to ensure a diverse, qualified nursing workforce pipeline.

Engaging Nurses, Employers, Schools
and the Community

GCNE embraces the collaboration of all stakeholders to create solutions that address the current nursing workforce challenges. Our resources, programs, events, and reports are available to inform and engage stakeholders.

Nurses grow
& thrive

Free health and financial resources for current and future nurses.


Programs &

Stay connected with GCNE by finding out how you can be engaged.

& Education

Educational reports and data on the current status of Georgia nursing.

Get Involved

The future of nursing begins with your support today.

About The Georgia Center for Nursing Excellence

Nurses are essential contributors to the health and healthcare of individuals. As an integral member of the healthcare team, nurses educate and promote positive health practices and habits, monitor and manage health and well-being, enhance the quality-of-care that individuals receive, and improve health outcomes. The public consistently looks to nurses for answers and guidance in many healthcare related situations due to their honesty and ethical standards.

What’s Happening at GCNE

GCNE is working hard to keep you informed about the evolving environment of nursing in the state of Georgia, issues impacting nurses, and how GCNE is making a difference. Stay up to date by reading our articles.

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